Golf Course Maintenance 

I hope everyone has been enjoying all the sunshine and warm weather out on the golf course. We have been taking advantage and getting lots of things accomplished, but a superintendent will never be fully pleased with the weather. We manage living organisms that are fully dependent on the weather and it can be challenging at times. It seems we went from singing “rain, rain, go away” to doing our rain dance in a matter of weeks. We had a problem with our irrigation pumps at the end of May that made matters a little more difficult to deal with but I am glad and relieved that we have resolved those issues and can water as needed once again.

I wanted to take this time to give an update on just a few of the things that have been going on with the maintenance department as of late. The first week of May we applied our second pre-emergent application of the year using a product called “Echelon” on all of our tees, approaches, and fairways. It is an application that we first implemented last year and made again this year because of the positive results accomplished. This is primarily targeting crabgrass, goosegrass, and sedges from germinating.

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, we also put down 26 pallets of sod scattered throughout the course. Most of these areas we have needed to switch the grass from 419 bermudagrass to a more shade tolerant Zorro Zoysia. It also may come as no surprise that a lot of these areas happen to be on the very back tees that are often nestled in and around massive Oak and Pine trees not creating the best growing environment for the sun essential bermudagrass. I’m proud of our maintenance team getting this accomplished in the heat as sodding is not the most pleasant of their duties. It really does make a huge difference hearing all of the positive comments during these times as the membership really takes notice and thanks the team for all of their efforts to make the golf course better every day.

      In the coming month the dreaded aeration season will be upon us. I am happy to announce that we have purchased a new aerator to do the fairways. Our old aerator was just flat worn out. Now the new aerator will give us the capability to not only do all of the fairways but also have time to work on some of the compacted rough areas along the cart paths where “most” people drive on and off. Which brings me to remind everyone to please follow all cart rules- whether it be staying at least 30 yards from greens, 90 degrees (not exit path at end of tee complex and go back to cart path at the greenside curb) as well as adhering to Cart Paths Only when in effect.  It really does come down to how the members treat the golf course as to how good it can be. Thank you in advance!

    I want to thank everyone for taking an interest in your golf course maintenance department and reading this update. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop me out on the course or email me at  

Jim Mason