Golf Course Maintenance 


Spring is in the air; flowers are starting to bloom, and the trees have fresh buds, it’s a wonderful time of year- when it’s not raining, but I digress. All kidding aside it is an exciting time of year with the beginning of Match Play, Dogfights, the Spring Golf Leagues, and most importantly in my world, the golf course starts to wake up from winter dormancy.

As I am writing this, we are finishing up with our 45-foot boom lift rental that was used to trim as many trees as possible, as high as possible, within our 30-day rental. We were able to do the cart path side of holes 1-9 as well as the Clubhouse entry and parking lot. Raising the canopy will obviously create more sunlight and aid in airflow. We strictly focused on completing the cart path side of the hole for two main reasons. First, the cart path side of the rough is under substantially more stress, wear, tear, and compaction due to cart traffic, so it needs all the help we can give it. Secondly, we were pretty much restricted to doing only the cart path side of holes because the 45-foot boom lift weighs 7 tons, so we would have to go without rain for several weeks to even consider driving it off of the cart paths. My plan would be to do this again next year to complete the back nine holes of the golf course. Thank you for your patience and understanding with the debris and loud wood chipper during the tree trimming process.

We raced to get our spring fertilizer + pre-emergent application out between raindrops again. We were able to complete that the week of February 14th. We applied our weed pre-emergent on a temperature timed-release fertilizer carrier. It is a slow-release fertilizer that will feed our grass for several months. Since the fertilizer is wrapped around a green polymer coating you will be able to see it in the grass for quite some time. I mention this because I often get asked if we are going to water in the fertilizer because people can still see the little green particles long after it has been applied, I assure you it has been watered in.

We will be addressing some of the worst tees on the golf course with a tee renovation on the week of May 9th. This will address grass variety and proper grading to allow water to naturally run off eliminating standing water on the tees.

The process will include the following:
Remove all existing turf to a depth of 2-3 inches Add sand to tees and till the sand into the soil profile to a depth of 4 inches Laser grade the tee tops so thank you for taking an interest in your golf course maintenance department and please feel free to stop me out on the course or send an email to with any questions or thoughts about the course.

As always thank you for belonging to Inverness Country Club, I look forward to seeing everyone out on the course!

Jim Mason 
Golf Course Superintendent