Golf Course Maintenance 

The Golf Course Maintenance Team and I are looking forward to a great Fall season. Summer can be taxing on the crew as we tackle agronomic processes that require hard work, and long hours in the summer heat. Weather-wise, our Alabama summer has been on the average side, which we will gladly take. It seems like we see weather extremes here far too often. Let's look back at our aeration operations completed throughout the Summer. The greens’ aeration we fought through adversity in that a few key pieces of equipment broke down multiple times, so we had to change plans on 4 separate occasions, but we got it done! Most of the Front 9 Greens we were able to aerate with a SMALL tine ¼" in two directions. The rest of the greens we used a typical ½” tine and only completed each green once. Although the finished product of both processes came out good, I loved the finished product that the small tines produced and will plan on doing this to all of the greens next year. Obviously, the small tined greens were putting better immediately following aeration which is the main area of concern for all of you and one of mine too but, it was also the most beneficial for us agronomically for a few key reasons. First, we were able to incorporate more sand into the rootzone which created a firmer surface. Second, we were able to affect a higher percentage of the greens’ surface area. Even though the holes were half the size, in doing it twice and with tighter spacing between holes we cored 6.44% of the greens’ surface area vs. only 4.9% with the larger holes. Lastly, the greens were able to grow in and completely heel faster than the larger holes. With only having one day to complete our greens’ aeration practice the only possible way to do the ¼" tine in two directions was to have 2 machines going at the same time all day. Like every year we also verti-cut and aerated all of the Tees and Approaches, aerated all the fairways and most of the rough areas as well. Here are a couple pictures after completing the aeration on #1 Tees and #1 Fairway. After the aerator is finished the cores have to dry so that we can drag, and break them up back into the holes and turf canopy. Once they’re all broken up, we blow off any remaining debris then mow. Now a sneak peek on what we’ve all been waiting on.......our BUNKER RENOVATION! We are scheduled to start October 10, 2022. I want to go through a quick rundown of what this will look like. To start, we will be removing all the material inside of the bunkers and stock piling to save and use what is salvageable for topdressing tees, approaches, and fairways. Then we will be digging up and removing all of the old drainages inside of the current bunkers to the drainage outfalls. Once all the old drain pipe is removed, we will replace it with all-new drainage. Then we will be reworking some of the steep slopes of the bunkers and preparing the new bunker edges. After all of that, it’s time to install a new bunker liner. The liner that we will be using is called “Capillary Concrete”, it is basically a porous concrete that can allow up to 100 inches of water/hour to drain through it. The capillary concrete will be poured 2 inches deep in the entire bunker wherever there will be sand. After it is poured and spread uniformly across the bunker it will be lightly rolled with a paint roller for a smooth finish. After the capillary sets for 24 hours, it is ready for sand to be added. Capillary concrete is a great product that I am extremely excited to be installing, it is so durable and effective that it comes with a 10-year performance guarantee. Throughout this entire process we will only be working on 3 golf holes at a time, this way we won’t ever have to completely shut down the golf course to play. My staff and I are always doing our best to present the golf course in the best conditions possible day in and day out, and we appreciate all of your support and the positive feedback we receive from each of you. Thank you for belonging to Inverness Country Club and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Jim Mason 
Golf Course Superintendent