The Tennis Center

Did you know that Tennis is the fastest growing traditional sport? According to SGMA Sports and Fitness, tennis grew by over 30% from 2000 to 2007 and the Inverness Tennis Center has long been known as one of the finest tennis facilities in Birmingham.  The Tennis Center currently features 13 rubico/hydro courts and 3 U.S. Open Blue hard courts, all lit for night play.  With a full service pro shop, the Inverness Tennis Center offers a wonderful opportunity to further your tennis enjoyment.

The Healthy Side of Tennis

There are many benefits to playing tennis.  In addition to the fun and challenge of the sport, tennis is great for cutting calories, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, the average man and women playing one hour of tennis can burn around 330 and 425 calories, respectively.  Playing tennis at moderate intensity for three hours a week can cut risk of heart disease 50%.

Tennis is also a great no matter what your age.  Children as young as age 4 can begin to develop their skills and because of the sport's low impact and health benefits, you can play tennis as a senior citizen.

Private Lessons

$70 Private Hourly
$36 for 2 People Hourly
$26 for 3 People Hourly
$21 for 4 People Hourly

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$60 Private Hourly 
$31 for 2 People Hourly 
$23 for 3 People Hourly 
$19 for 4 People Hourly 

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